Sun Rangers

Sun Troop Sun Rangers (太陽部隊サンレンジャー, Taiyou Butai Sanrenjā) is troop that the government has made in preparation for the underground invaders, but the invader did not show up or could not be sensed, until there is a report of the underground people appearing, however it turned to be the hero show Koutarou and the others were doing.

The Sun Ranger squad consists of five-man team. The sun ranger suit when put on raises the users physical strength by five times.

When they meet again with Koutarou, they have gained experience from repeated fighting against the radical faction and has grown to fight at a competent level.

Currently unofficially allied with the residents of room 106 and the Conservative Faction.


Kenichi- Red Shine - Leader

Hayato- Blue Shine - Vice Leader

Megumi- Pink Shine

Koutaro- Green Shine

Daisaku- Yellow Shine.

Dr, Roppongi- Superior Officer of Sun Rangers,


The Sun Rangers are a pastiche of the long-running Toku series Super Sentai, also known by it's English adaptation; Power Rangers.