Shizuka Kasagi (笠置 静香 Kasagi Shizuka) is landlady of the apartment the main cast lives at. She's more than a match for the invaders, save Ruthkhania who is not considered problematic. She is currently a member of the Satomi Knights as a Martial Artist.


Shizuka is friendly, respectful and easy to get along with. Being a girl of age, she enjoys gossips and love related topic. As well, Shizuka is very self-conscious about her weight and doesn't want others to think she's heavy. Which isn't help by the fact that every time she uses Alunaya power, it prevents him from holding back his power, making it look like Shizuka is heavier than she actually is.

Shizuka is strongly protective of her family's apartment since both of her parents death. Along with taking great care of it, she will become enraged whenever it is damaged.


Koutaro Satomi

Being one of her tenant's and a classmate, Koutaro and Shizuka quickly became friends the day they met. The two have strong understanding of each other because of how similar they are: their parent (both for Shizuka) died saving them when they were younger, they were ordinarily normal high school students before the invaders moved in, and they are powerless on their own (Shizuka gets her power from the Fire Dragon Emperor Alunaya, while Koutaro gets his powers from the invader). These similarities caused Shizuka to fall in love with Koutaro and want to be by his side.

Kenji Matsudaira

The two are good friends and classmates. Like Koutaro, Shizuka enjoys teasing Kenji about his many past relationship, much to his chagrin.

Powers & Abilities

Shizuka is the current host of the Fire Dragon Emperor Alunaya. When his power leaks out, it would strengthen Shizuka's already strong body. This is the reason why she could overpowered all of the invaders the day they met despite their own powers. Alunaya can transform Shizuka into a human/dragon hybrid, granting her greater levels of strength, speed and durability. She also gain wings that allow her to fly and can breath fire and release shock waves from her mouth.

Even without using Alunaya powers, Shizuka is a master martial artist that puts her in the same league as the invader girls. Koutaro and the invaders all respect and fear her because of her immense skills.

The downside of this newly acquired ability is that her weight would increase due to the inability to neutralize the distortion of the space around her.