The Satomi Knights(サトミ騎士団 Satomi Kishi-dan) is a band of knights created by Koutarou Satomi serving under princess Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe.

Satomi Knights member uniforms were designed somewhat resembling of Koutarou's armor, but the design in its entirety is closer to a school uniform. The colors were blue and white, based on the Blue Knight and Alaia, and then each person's personal color was added in.


Koutarou Satomi as Captain

Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha as Vice Captain

Maki Aika as Treasurer, Indigo Knight

Kiriha Kurano as General, joined in Volume 18

Shizuka Kasagi as Martial Artist, joined in Volume 18

Harumi Sakuraba as Secretary, joined in Volume 18

Sanae Higashihongan as Houseworker Helper, joined in Volume 18

Yurika Nijino as Normal Knight, temporary joined in Volume 22