Maya is Maki's mentor as well as the former Dark Navy of Darkness Rainbow. She is responsible for kidnapping Kiriha as a child and causing Sanae to turn to a ghost. She also has ties to the underground people's radical faction. She is one the major antagonist of the series.


Maya is a ruthless, calm and confident woman. Maya is quite intelligent, always thinking before taking action in order to come out on top in whatever situation she in. Well she has no problems taking a persons life in order to further her goals, she prefers methods that a least let her make best uses of their life force to increase her own power.

Well she doesn't hesitate to resorted to violence or manipulate to accomplish her goals, Maya is willing to a least give unrelated people a chance avoid fighting her. This is either through having them hand over her target to her, or by having them join her. She doesn't even mind trying flirt with someone to win them over.

Powers & Abilities

Maya is a very powerful and experienced warrior. Koutaro Satomi compared the level of her abilities to some of his strongest allies when they first fought 10 years before the story timeline. When they fought again during the present time, she was able to gain the advantage against Koutaro while he was at his full power (although, Koutaro was trying out his new dual-style swordsmenships).

Ten year before the story's timeline, Maya fought using her magic as the Dark Navy at the time. She could use a wide range of spell to increase her attacks, defends and speed while reducing her opponents methods fight back. She would use her magic turn her staff into an energy scythe without changing its weight. As the Dark Navy at the time, Maya could use mind manipulating magic to control people and erase a few seconds worth of their memory when her weapon made contact with them.

After her battle with Nana, Maya was forced to retire because most of her body was heavy damage. However, the radical faction of the underground people rebuild her into a cyborg using their latest spiritual technology. While this has limited her magical abilities, she has become physically stronger and faster then when she used her magic. She can also reveal hidden weapons in her body like blades and guns. She can also use spiritual weaponry to shoot electricity.