The anime adaptation Invaders of the Rokujouma is produced by Silver Link, under the direction of Shin Ōnuma and music by Zero-A. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for North America.[1]

The series aired between July 11 and September 26, 2014 in Japan on Tokyo MX, BS11 and AT-X.


The "apartment comedy" centers around Koutaro Satomi, a boy who started to live by himself to attend a high school. He fortunately discovered a very cheap, tiny (six-mat or rokujyōma) room for 5,000 yen (about US$50) a month, and began his new life there. However, when he moved into that room "1X6" in the Korona complex, some unexpected "roommates" began appearing one by one.


# Image Title Premiere
1 Episode 1 Invasion start!
¡Empieza la invasión!
侵略開始!(Shinryaku kaishi!)
July 11, 2014
2 Episode 2 More invasions!
¡Más invasiones!
多くの侵略 ! (Ōku no shinryaku!)
July 18, 2014
3 Episode 3 Friends and promises
Amigos y promesas
お友達との約束 (O tomodachi to no yakusoku)
July 25, 2014
4 Episode 4 Swimming and plots
Natación y complots
陰謀の海水浴 (Inbō no kaisuiyoku)
August 1, 2014
5 Episode 5 Precious Charms
Preciados amuletos
大切なお守り (Taisetsuna o Mamoru i)
August 8, 2014
6 Episode 6 Cultural Festivals and Beetles
Festival cultural y escarabajos
文化祭とカブトムシ (Bunkamatsuri to kabutomushi)
August 15, 2014
7 Clariossa My Knight
Mí Caballero'
わらわの騎士 (Warawa no kishi)
August 22, 2014
8 Episode 8 An evil magical girl appears
Aparece una chica mágica malvada
悪の魔法少女場 (Aku no mahō shōjo-ba)
August 29, 2014
9 Episode 9 The Sun and a Rainbow
El Sol y un Arcoiris
陽だまりと虹 (Hidamari to niji)
September 5, 2014
10 Episode 10 The Earth Empire vs. The Sun Squad
El Imperio de la Tierra vs. La Escuadra del Sol
地底帝国VS太陽部隊 (Chitei teikoku VS taiyō butai)
September 12, 2014
11 Episode 11 Someday, With Them
Algún día, con ellos
いつかあの人と (Itsuka ano hito to)
September 19, 2014
12 Episode 12 Invasion Going Well!?
¿¡La invasión va bien!?
侵略順調!? (Shinryaku junchō!?)
September 26, 2014