Kiriha Kurano (クラノ=キリハ Kurano Kiriha) is an underground dweller and one of the invaders in Koutaro Satomi's apartment.


Originally Kiriha told the residence of room 106 that she wants to invade the surface and take over. Later revealed that the Kurano clan wants to make peace, and she is actually doing her best to delay the invasion. She eventually succeeded as the Kurano clan restored its political power before the invasion can actually take place.


Kiriha is the most mature and intellectual of the invaders. She usually very respectful, kind, soft-spoken and adult like. She is also a pacifist who prefers to solve problems without bloodshed, or at least as little as possible.

Deep down, Kiriha can be rather childish and mischievous. She usually has to hide these traits because of her high ranking position. Koutaro is one of the very few she can be herself around due to their friendship.


Koutaro Satomi

At first she saw him as an obstacle. Later she began to respect him and they became friends. As the plot progresses, It was shown that he was her first and only lover and as well as the one who rescued her when she was young. She gave him her mothers necklace as a parting gift where Koutaro also gave her a important card. It was actually a sign of marriage for underground dwellers when they exchanged important artifacts. 

After She finds out that he was her first love by finding her mothers necklace which she had entrusted to him, she falls for him completely and has since then married him in secret. 

Powers & Abilities

Being the chief's of the Underground Dweller daughter, Kiriha has easily access to her people's spiritual technology and weaponry. Her main usage is through her haniwas, Karama and Korama. For more serious matters, she has stronger weapons and a blue gauntlet that generates fire and electricity (in volume 7, she gave her gauntlet to Koutaro).

Kiriha greatest strength is in her high intellect and thinking ability. Her vast knowledge, flexibly thinking, good judgement and ability to make best use of not only her strengths, but even those of the people around her are respect by both friend and foe alike. Koutaro and Ruth even admitted that if Kiriha really was serious in gaining control of Room 106, she could have done so the day they met.