In page users of Invaders of Rokujouma Wiki community can propose and vote for the best article of the month, for such is permissible for an article as featured is proposed for the next month, so you have to wait 3 months once it has been published on the front page of the wiki, this is so that other articles might chance to be chosen.

Current featured article Edit

Koutaro portal

Koutaro Satomi is a boy who started to live by himself to attend high school. He fortunately discovered a very cheap, tiny room called a rokujyouma (six-mat) for 5,000 yen (about US$50) a month. After he moved into that "1X6" room in the Korona complex, some unexpected "roommates" began appearing one by one!


Candidates Edit

↓↓↓ Place your bid until the last ↓↓↓

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