Harumi Sakuraba (桜庭 晴海 Sakuraba Harumi) is the first girl to meet Koutaro. She is the president of the knitting club.

Background Edit

Harumi came from a very wealthy family. She's kind and well-mannered lady towards others. Her body is weak so she visits the hospital on a regular basis. She is thankful to Koutaro for saving the knitting club from disbanding.

Plot Edit

She is actually the reincarnation of the ancient forthorthe princess.

Relationships Edit

Koutaro Satomi Edit

Koutaro saved Harumi's knitting club by becoming a member. When she was recruiting a guy, he tried to get her to be his girlfriend in exchange of joining her club, she tried to refuse but he didn't budge. Koutaro made a bold move to make him run away. After that incident Harumi developed feelings for him.

Yurika Nijino Edit

They became close after the clubs relay race. Harumi is the first person to believe that Yurika is a magical girl. She boldly asks Yurika for helping her to get close to Koutaro


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