The Goddess of Dawn is the creator of the universe. She is worshiped by both the underground people and Forthorthe. She is summoned whenever any of the nine girls fuse with magic, for as of yet unexplained reasons. She is also the self-proclaimed "First and last invader."


Her first appearance is in Volume 1 as a voice calling to Koutaro Satomi, while he was at his part time job. He followed the voice causing him to fall into a hole in the ground, containing a statue surrounded by stone pillars. She spoke through the statue saying that she was glad she finally met him again, before Koutaro lost conscious and forgot about the encounter.

Her next appearance is in Volume 7.5 when Koutaro and Clan were thrown to the beginning of the universe. She saved them from being destroyed, and by meeting Koutaro she gained self-awareness and the concepts of time, space and language. It was then that she discovered that they had met before, causing her to be overcome with joy that she would no be alone forever. She then sent Clan and Koutaro to the past Forthorthe, before beginning to knit time and space.

Her next appearance is in Volume 11 when ghost Sanae was merging with Sanae's body and she was losing her memories. The Goddess of Dawn told Sanae that everything will be alright and that "Love is all."

Her next appearance is in Volume 12 when Harumi is fatally burned by Maya during a fight. Yurika attempts to merge with Harumi in an attempt to heal her, but rather than becoming a being half-way between the two of them, the Goddess of Dawn is summoned instead. Maya attacks her to defeat her while her guard is down, but her attack is erased. While the Goddess is confused, she suddenly senses Koutaro approaching and says that he will protect her. She then splits back into Harumi and Yurika.