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More invasions! (多くの侵略 !) is the second episode of anime Invaders of the Rokujyouma.


After Shizuka requires them to sign the contract, all in room 106 looking for a way to fight for the room, so they decide to do so by a card game, so that everyone has a part of the room (Tatami mat), so Kiriha explains the rules, which are that the winner will own 3 of the last, the second will have a part of the fifth and the third will not gain or lose anything.

After several games Kiriha's idea will be that all but Sanae attend school in order to rob Koutarou of its peace and tranquility. As for Koutarou, in an attempt to get back at them, he sends a letter to Yurika saying he finally believes her to be a magical girl, so she goes to the place agreed, but that is a surprise ambush by the Club Cosplay Society. The days grow boring after many card games, which lately gained Yurika, Kiriha is given to the idea of ​​competing in a school race, to see who gets the room.