Elfaria Dana Fortorthe(エルファリア・ダーナ・フォルトーゼ, Erufaria Dana Forutode) is current Queen of Holy Forthothe Galactic Empire also mother of Theia. Nickname is Elle.


Elle is good at making behind the scene work and is an archaeology expert. She has a bad relationship with the military after she made a statement for military disarmament. 20 years ago she met Koutaro Satomi and Clan who were time travelling. She fell in love with Koutaro, but decided to to become Queen after she overheard her future daughter and her mission, thus her first love ended.

After she became Queen, she raised considerable achievements in promoting disarmament. The military that was dissatisfied with this achievement plotted to assassinate her fiance. Elle later carried out the artificial insemination with her fiances frozen sperm that was made before he was assassinated and later gave birth to Theia. As a result, military activities were halted for 10 years because her popularity had increased.

She later made the "Royal-class Space Battleship Reios Fatra Bertorion(Blue Knight)" by using data from the "blue knight armor" which she obtained from Clan. Elle also intervened in her daughters trial destination to be directed to Koutarous Room(Corona House room 106).


She currently stays at Earth along with the people who have fled with her due to the coup d'etat by the military.



  • She rigged the super-computer to generate koutarous room for her daughters trial.
  • She based the Blue Knight ship on Koutaro mentioning ‘giant mechas controlled by people inside’.
  • Even after 20 years have passed, her feelings for Koutarou has not changed.