Elexis Borannam is the CEO of Dragon Knight Industries. He is a ally of the coup d'état army on Forthorthe, making him a major antagonist of the story.

Personality Edit

Elexis is a shrewd, highly calculate business man; always planing ahead and making proper preparation to insure he doesn't lose. This is the reason why he become such a highly successful CEO at a young age. Elexis is usually polite, but also quite casual in any situation he in. He has a professional, yet casual relationship with the soldiers he brings with him. He also cares about them, buying time so they could escape whenever the situation got dangerous.

Elexis is also a well-known philanthropist, making enormous donation to help keep Forthorthe a healthy society. This comes from his belief that large profits are born from a healthy society. This is also the reason why he sided against Elfaria, because he believe the civil war will help strengthen Forthorthe.

After being defeated by Koutaro Satomi, the two develop a mutual rivalry. They both acknowledge each other's strength and usually talk in a friendly, respectful manner when they meet. Elexis explain that he happy that he got the chance to face Koutaro is because always won without much effort before he met him, and now has the chance to go all out.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Elexis greatest strength is unarguable his intelligent and calculating nature. His first plan to capture Theia and Ruth would have success had it not been for the unexpected help from Clan and Koutaro. Although, Elexis was able to escape with men without leaving behind any evidence, preventing them from getting into any legal trouble. When he return to Earth, he would have defeated Koutaro and Theia had it not been for Alunaya.

Trivia Edit

  • Because of their similar looks, personality and how they use giant robots, Koutaro Satomi often compares Elexis to Dextro, someone he fought 2000 years ago.

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