Clariossa Daora Forthorthe, full name Clariossa Daora Schweiger Meltsfen Foa Forthorthe, better known as Clan, is the Second Princess of the Forthorthe Galactic Empire. She is a part of the Schweiger family which is rivals with the Mastir family. While Theia is more active, Clan spent her time with intellectual pursuits. This contrast in personalities, as well as their family rivalries has caused her to be Theia's greatest rival.




Just like Theia when she first came to Earth, Clan was very proud of her stature as a princess of the Fortorthe Galactic Empire and looked down on almost everyone. Unlike Theia however, Clan was far sly and intelligent in how she deals with her enemies. Being a scientist, she would often shut herself in her laboratory in order to further her research rather than understand her people.

After being sent back in time to old Fortorthe during it civil war period with Koutaro and meeting the Silver Princess in person, Clan began to mature as both a person and a princess. She started thinking more about the safety and happiness of the people then her own goals. She's also become kinder and friendlier than before, but is usually shy around other people she's not used to or those she tried to hurt before. Koutaro has notice these improvements and believes she becoming a more respectable princess as a result.

However, Clan can still be a bit short-temper like before. This is usually because of Koutaro teasing her for being sly and ignoring her feelings.

Clan has relinquished her rights to the throne as she would rather earn Koutaro's respect and acknowledgement, which she deemed as more valuable than the throne.

Power & Abilities

Clan is a highly intelligent scientist even by the highly advanced Fortorthe standers. She build her spaceship and weaponry herself, even creating the super-space-time repulsion shell that can send it target outside the universe.