Alaia Kua Mastir Signaria Tia Forthorthe was the Silver princess who saved Forthorthe from a civil war 2,000 years ago with help from Reios Fatra Bertorion, the Blue Knight. After the war, she became the empress of Forthothe.


Alaia was famed for her benevolence, wisdom and strong will that help brought an end to the famous civil war of her time. Her virtuous spirit and love for her people made her a very charismatic leader and the most legendary princess of Forthothe. Because of her position as royalty, she always put the safety and happiness of her people before her own.

Outside of being a legendary princess, Alaia was a lot like Harumi Sakuraba. They both had similar interests and expressions, and both of them loved Koutaro Satomi for the same reasons. However, Alaia wasn't able to be with Koutaro because of their circumstance; Alaia being royalty, while Koutaro had to return to his own time and planet.